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We focus on the cure

At Ayala, we are dedicated to developing targeted therapies specifically for patients living with rare and aggressive diseases. In combination with next-generation sequencing and our proprietary bioinformatics platform, we are pioneering a novel approach to cancer treatment.

Ken Berlin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ayala Pharmaceuticals

“People living with rare and aggressive cancers have an enormous unmet need. We are working to bring a new treatment option to market that can make a true difference in the lives of these individuals and their families.”

The Science Behind Our Drugs

We develop gamma secretase inhibitors to treat cancer. Put in simple terms, it’s a way to disrupt tumor growth and metastatic spread by targeting the activation of the Notch pathway. Gamma secretase is the enzyme responsible for Notch activation, and when inhibited, turns off Notch pathway activation.


The Notch pathway is involved in embryonic development and in the renewal and maintenance of adult tissues. In cancers, Notch is known to serve as a critical facilitator in processes such as cellular proliferation, survival, migration, invasion, drug resistance and metastatic spread, all of which contribute to tumorigenesis and cancer progression. Inhibition of Notch by γ-secretase inhibitors (GSIs) such as AL101/AL102 turns off Notch pathway activation.

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